Corporate governance

MT Højgaard Holding A/S (MTHH) is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen. The statutory statement of corporate governance includes a description of MT Højgaard Holdings management structure and the main elements of the internal control and risk management systems in connection with the presentation of financial statements. In addition, the statement sets out the Group's position on the Recommendations on Corporate Governance.

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Corporate governance in MT Højgaard Holding

Articles of association

Read Articles of Association here.

CSR Policy

Read the policy here.

Audit charter

Read audit charter here

Gender composition of the board of directors and management

Learn more about our gender composition of board of directors and management here

Investor relations policy

Read our Investor Relations policy here

Nomination committee

Learn more here

Remuneration committee

Learn more here

Sustainability Committee

Learn more here

Remuneration policy

Read our remuneration policy here.

Remuneration report

Read the report here

Corporate governance

Read our Statutory Corporate Governance Report from February 2023 here.
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