General meetings

Please find below documents and additional information related to the general meeting.

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Annual report 2021

Read the annual report here.

The notice, including the agenda and the full text of the proposed resolutions

Read the document here.

Proxy and vote by correspondence form

Read the document here.

Registration form

Open the form here.

Remuneration policy

Read the policy here.

Remuneration report 2021

Read the remuneration report here.

See the presentation

See the presentation here.

Total number of shares and voting rights at the date of the notice

The share capital of the company is DKK 155,741,380 divided into shares of DKK 20. Each share amount of DKK 20 carries one vote at the general meeting.
Total no. of shares: DKK 7,787,069
Total no. of votes: DKK 7,787,069
It is noted that voting rights cannot be exercised on treasury shares. At the date of convening the general meeting, the company has 112.680 treasury shares.

Processing of personal data

MT Højgaard Holding A/S’ privacy policy for shareholders, etc. explains how the company processes personal data in connection with the general meeting. The policy is available here.

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