MTH GROUP: MT Højgaard selected for major Swedish bridge project

MT Højgaard has been selected to build the Hisingsbron bridge across Göta Älv in Gothenburg in a joint venture between MT Højgaard (30 per cent) and Skanska (70 per cent). MT Højgaard’s share of the contract is worth SEK 591 million.

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The Traffic Commission of the City of Gothenburg has selected MT Højgaard as the winner in a joint venture with Skanska to build the Hisingsbron bridge which is a lift bridge connecting central Gothenburg and Hisingen. The bridge is due to be completed in mid-2022 and comprises road and tramway traffic as well as a bicycle- and footpath.

In addition to the price, the Traffic Commission of the City of Gothenburg attached importance to the technical solutions offered, execution, time schedule and safety. MT Højgaard can draw on its comprehensive experience from construction, renewal and improvement of numerous bridges in Denmark and abroad.

MT Højgaard has been selected to manufacture and install steelwork and mechanics. The steel work includes superstructure and pylons. The project also comprises a so-called public transport bridge made of steel as well as demolition of the old bridge across Göta Älv which has carried vehicles across the river since 1939.

- I am happy that with our many years of experience with the construction of steel bridges, we have been selected to help give the client a strong solution to this complex project. It emphasizes yet again MT Højgaard’s competencies and competitiveness, says Vice President at MT Højgaard, Esper Christophersen.

The contract has a value of SEK 1.97 billion of which MT Højgaard’s expected share will be SEK 591 million. The final contract is expected to be signed within ten days. The contract will not in itself affect the Group’s revenue and results in this year and will not give rise to any changes to previously published expectations of the economic development.

Expectations of the future economic development are by nature subject to risks and uncertainty which may cause the actual development to deviate significantly from current expectations.

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