Long-term, sustainable development

The strategy will see the Group develop in line with a portfolio model containing independent business units that are on an equal footing. This model will ensure the focused development of each individual business unit, working closely with markets and customers while also collaborating with one another to ensure maximum value creation. The management of each unit will be responsible for increasing profitability and expanding positions of strength in such areas as sustainable construction, refurbishment, project development, partnerships and projects.

The Group management will exercise active ownership by demanding, developing and securing synergies across the business units. Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and expectations are key for ensuring positive development, and there will be increased focus on good business acumen and risk management at all levels.

The geographical framework is Denmark, the North Atlantic (Faroe Islands and Greenland) and a few chosen geographies in which the Group is active through direct ownership, part ownership or joint ventures. There is particular focus on Denmark, where the Group covers the entire value chain from project development, civil works, construction and refurbishment to operation.

Dividend policy

The gradual improvement in earnings will make it possible to pay dividends. MT Højgaard Holding will endeavour to pay dividends, while bearing in mind the need to reduce debt and the Group’s liquidity forecast and solvency.

The guideline for dividend is:

  • With a solvency of 20-30% the company will endeavour to pay out 25-30% of profit for the year.
  • With a solvency of over 30% the company will endeavour to pay out at least 50% of profit for the year.
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