MT Højgaard Holding occupies a central position in the construction and civil engineering industry and takes responsibility for and contributes to promoting sustainable development in the industry and the surrounding community. For the Group, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are both a business priority and a challenge to which the Group has chosen to take an active approach.

The Group focuses particularly on areas where it can make a difference and create value for society and MT Højgaard Holding. Therefore, the group focuses on the five strategic areas of business conduct – human rights, workplace and labour relations, environment, and guidance and reporting.

Business conduct

The group undertakes to act professionally, fairly and with integrity in all business activities and relationships, and emphasises the importance of honest and ethical conduct in order to avoid fraud, corruption, “black money”, cartel formation and other behaviour that could harm the Group’s customers and society.

Human rights

The group is actively responsible for protecting the individual's rights and also requires partners and suppliers to take the same responsibility.

Workplace and labour relations

The group regards safety and a healthy working environment as key elements of being a leading group in the construction and civil engineering industry. The Group's influence extends beyond its own construction and civil engineering projects, and it aims to take the lead as a good example for inspiration and benefit to others in the industry. 


The group works continuously to reduce the impact on the environment and climate of the many construction and civil engineering projects in which the Group is involved. The effort includes optimising the construction itself, choice of materials, waste management and subsequent operations.

Guidance and reporting

The group always reports on the Group's performance according to recognised international standards, so it is easy to assess and compare efforts with other companies.


The group´s reports on access, policies, efforts, objectives and action plans in an annual CSR report, which forms part of the Group's annual report and constitutes the statutory statements of social responsibility and gender composition at management levels, cf. the Danish Financial Statements Act §99 a-b.

The Group's CSR reporting is based on the principles in Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4, where the Group reports at Core level. In addition, reporting also documents compliance with the UN’s 10 principles on sustainable behaviour and the requirements in the UN’s Global Compact, which MT Højgaard Holding joined in 2015.

CSR reports and letter of commitment to the UN Global Compact

Responsible Construction

MT Højgaard Holding has joined the Association for Responsible Construction’s charter for social responsibility in the real estate, construction and civil engineering industry in Denmark.

The Charter is a common standard of social responsibility that can open up dialogue on how to create value and promote productivity in the field. The charter is tailored to the construction and civil engineering industry and brings together common interests, which form the basis for action.  

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