Whistleblower scheme

MT Højgaard Holding does not accept violations of legislation, regulations or the Group's Code of Conduct or other internal rules. Therefore, the Group has a whistleblower scheme, where clients, partners, suppliers and employees can report suspicion of illegal matters.

Clients, suppliers, partners and employees can report suspicions of criminal or other illegal matters relating to the group, including:

  • fraud, corruption and document fraud
  • serious breach of occupational safety or environmental legislation
  • theft, violence and threats of violence


  • submit report in writing here. The report will be sent to an external lawyer at the law firm Norrbom Vinding
  • you may choose whether or not to remain anonymous
  • the external lawyer only transfers cases to the Group that are covered by the scheme, and these will only be known at the Group by a few designated key staff under professional confidentiality 
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